Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bamboo vs. Paulownia

I suppose since I mentioned bamboo, I should also mention the contest between my paulownia tree and my timber bamboo. Both are rather young. I bought the paulownia on eBay. The first year it grew up, the second, it branched, and the third year it bloomed. Unsastified with its height, I chopped it down to the ground this spring when it started budding. Interestingly, the severed tree continued to grow for about two months. Meanwhile, a new shoot began growing from the base of the stump. It soon was growing about 2 inches a day.

After a couple months, my Bambusa oldhamii sprouted. It didn't shoot at all last year, so I was pleasantly surprised when it started shooting early this year.

The new culm on the bamboo quickly started growing 6 inches or more a day. So I decided to keep a log to see if it could catch up to the paulownia. So far it hasn't, but it's come within a few inches.


  1. The paulownia we have in Panama grow 9 inches a week in the rainy season. If you would like more information on growing paulownia you may read and

    1. By my graph, mine averaged 1.44 inches per day, which is just over 10 inches per week, a little more than that in the first half of the growing season and a little less toward the end.